The Dockman Series is now live on Amazon Prime Video

Dive into the fascinating realm of the marine industry with “The DockMan,” now available on Amazon Prime! Waters Edge Dock And Hoist proudly presents this captivating series, offering viewers an exclusive peek into the intricate world of docks, lifts, and seawall construction.

Thanks to the remarkable expertise of our producer, Brandon Damon Video, this show has come to life, showcasing the wizardry of his craft. “The DockMan” isn’t just another series; it’s a journey into the heart of the marine industry, spotlighting the marvels of waterfront structures. Follow along as the Waters Edge Crew takes on some large dock builds, and The Dockmen brothers, Garrick and Jerry manage the business.

This captivating series isn’t just for boating enthusiasts; it’s for anyone who admires the beauty and functionality of waterfront properties. Showcasing some large builds, but also functional docks, somewhat otherwise unknown solutions to the boating world. “The DockMan” immerses viewers in the complexities of these structures, unveiling the expertise required to construct and maintain them.

From the mechanics behind dock functionality to the innovations shaping the industry, each episode of “The DockMan” promises a deep dive into the challenges, innovations, and picturesque waterfront locales that define this unique sector. You can believe brothers Garrick and Jerry will be there for all the action as well.

Join us as we uncover the secrets, innovations, and picturesque settings that make marine infrastructure so exceptional. Take a front-row seat, relax, and let “The DockMan” on Amazon Prime transport you into the extraordinary world of docks, lifts, and seawalls!

So, are you ready to embark on an adventure exploring the beauty and technicalities of marine structures? Tune in now to “The DockMan” and discover the allure of these captivating waterfront marvels! Click here!