A Proud Family Business.

Despite what many people say, the “American Dream” isn’t dead. It turns out filling a need with rolled up sleeves, hard work, customer care, and a lot of pride can still get you somewhere.

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In the beginning, Garrick and Jerry Wilson started Water’s Edge Dock and Hoist to gain additional income alongside their established landscaping business. What started as a small client list, eventually grew into their own “Dock Dynasty”. No prime-time T.V. Show yet, but today their current business operations in the boat dock and lift industry is a full time venture, employing over 15 individuals. Headquartered out of Livingston County Michigan, they serve over 100 lakes in the region. They’ve proven to be a valuable advocate if you live on the water. You may have even seen one of their 30 foot hydraulic fork lift barges on your lake. In addition to boat dock installation and fall removal services, they also sell new boat docks and lifts as a proud dealer of Great Lakes Dock And Lift. As the business continues to grow and offer more solutions to clients, they’ve added seawalls to their repertoire. Steel, organic or fabricated materials are all options when it comes to seawall construction. They also have added a custom fabrication shop at their headquarters and a mobile fabrication trailer for those clients who like to shake things up a bit.

If you are visiting this site, you probably have a passion for the water. The folks at Water’s Edge do as well, and proudly live to serve the boating lifestyle which started from that passion. Water’s Edge has translated what they enjoy doing into a business; a true story of what it means to live the American Dream. Their once “small list” of clientele is now a database of over 3700 lakefront enthusiasts; that they’d like to call friends and get to visit almost every season.

Whether you are looking for a seawall solution, or need a new boat dock or lift to be installed- Water’s Edge is your one stop shop for everything on the lakefront. For sales and service, give them a call on the “blue phone” hotline and you’ll see how their out-of-the-box solutions keep their clients satisfied.

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