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Despite what many people say, the “American Dream” isn’t dead. It turns out filling a need with rolled up sleeves, hard work, customer care, and a lot of pride can still get you somewhere.

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Our Story

We, Garrick and Jerry Wilson, started Water’s Edge Dock and Hoist to supplement the income from our landscaping business. What started as a small client list has turned into our own “Dock Dynasty”. No T.V. show yet, but our operation includes 12 full time employees. In addition to our boat dock installation and winter removal services, we’ve branched into selling new boat docks, hoists (boat lifts) and equipment. We are a proud dealer of Great Lakes boat lifts and boat docks. We have also added a custom fabrication shop and mobile trailer for those clients who like to shake things up a bit. Our biggest asset, in size, is 2 30-foot hydraulic barge/hoist that services over 100 lakes in the region.

If you are on this site, you probably have a passion for the water. We do as well and we proudly live the boating lifestyle. We are lucky enough that our passion translated into a successful business. Our “small list” of customers is now a database of over 650 clients and friends we visit most every season.

Whether you are looking for a new boat dock or hoist (boat lift), or need your current equipment installed, removed or serviced, we are glad you found our site. Give us a call on the “blue phone” hotline and you’ll see how our work ethic and out-of-the-box thinking keeps our clients happy.

We’ll see you on the lake!

Garrick and Jerry

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