We do commercial seawall work in the state of Michigan and sometimes for the state of Michigan. 



We specialize in residential seawall construction. Materials that we mainly use are steel, natural stone, and a product called Redi-Rock.

Seawall Repair

Seawall Repair

We also have capability to repair your current seawall with one of our expert welders. 

Michigan’s Lakes and streams are flowing at an all time high!

Protect your lakefront property.

From Organic Solutions to Steel Seawalls, Call us today for an estimate!

Black Steel

Black Steel Seawalls are known to last up to and over 35 years. Black Steel best fits an area with high ice pressure, or everyday use of lake access.

Redi-Rock Retaining Wall

Redi-Rock Modular Blocks come in different types and colors. We can design and install the right Redi-Rock solution for your needs.

Natural Erosion Control Methods

This boulder-wall is an example of one Natural Erosion Control Method. Ask us about our Natural Seawall Solutions today!

Custom Seawall Solutions

We can custom design seawalls to fit any waterway, or tributary nature can create.

They provide critical access to your land and can even regulate water height when needed.

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