Flag Pole Installed to Help Veteran In Need

We are proud to be able to help out a veteran in need, and when there is an issue like this close to our heart- we like to act upon that feeling. When the energy company that was supposed to be helping left behind a pole, a local veteran decided to use it as a flagpole on his property. But he had one problem; he didn’t have anyone to help him put it up, and bury that size of pole in the ground properly. That’s when we heard his story through a facebook group and decided to help. After all, driving poles in the ground is part of our business!

This Veterans story is an excellent example of how a small business can help out a local community. By donating their time and resources, Waters Edge was able to help out a veteran in need. Not only did this organization provide a much-needed service, but they were also able to create a lasting impact on the veteran and his family. Please read the Yelp review and see the photos below for the complete story. And veterans, thank you for your service.