Leave Your Boat Dock In All Winter With These Tips From The Dockman

Every season when winter comes around, we often get asked, “Can I keep my boat dock in through the winter?” And in some cases, you can. Smaller bodies of water (100 acres or less) mean less ice pressure, so in those cases you are good to go. But if you want to add some reinforcement to your boat dock to help it survive the winter, watch this video for some tips from The Dockman. There are a few upgrades you might want to make to your dock to help it survive the winter and ice pressure that the great lakes state guarantees every season . A thicker 6″ inch side excursion and sturdy welds on the dock frame is a great start. A seawall adapter creates a sturdy connection to your seawall to secure the dock. Heavy wall poles with augers and bottom plates will secure your dock to the lake bottom. A diagonal brace is a recent creation from Waters Edge and dock manufacturer Great Lakes Lift as another line of defense against ice movement. Best of luck and we’ll see you next spring!