Miami Boat + Yacht Show Highlights 2020

Come along with us as we explore the Miami Boat & Yacht Show. The team an I flew down to Miami Florida to continue team building with Golden Lifts, provide some extra help at their booth, and make a couple of videos along the way! Breaking out of Michigan at this time of year was much needed, the team and I soaked up the warm weather as much as we could in Miami. We started our days early, and retired late in the evening!

The Boat Show itself is quite overwhelming, as there is a lot of ground to cover- you could spend a whole day walking around and scouting the place. If you’re a consumer, it’s best to make a list of the items you’re shopping for before you arrive here, or risk wandering, and gawking for days. We stuck to our task and decided to highlight a couple of cool boats that caught our eye. The owners, inventors and designers of these boats are usually here at the boat show, so getting the chance to talk to them is always exciting. The Miami Boat Show has everything in boating, powerboats, fishing boats, pontoons, outboards, sound systems and assessors you could easily get carried away at a show like this. Stadium Village was packed with ticket holders eating lunch and enjoying cocktails. Outside of the tent spaces, there is endless sprawling docks with hundreds, if not thousands of boats to explore. The Yacht show is at a separate location in Miami, and technically these are two different shows, as additional tickets are needed to get in. Luckily we had an “in”; Moises at Azmimut Yachts invited us to take a tour. We took him up on the offer as even standing on the deck of one of these gigantic boats is something to be experienced. Watch the video to see all the bells and whistles they include in this level of luxury boating. Our time in Miami was not wasted, we even got to Little Havana for a sandwich and cigar, which we were told were requirements of the trip! Thanks for tagging along, and we hope to be back next year!

Thanks, Jerry Wilson Owner of Waters Edge Dock and Hoist