The Dockman Episode 6: Wyandotte Boat Launch Fit & Finish

In Episode Six of The Dockman, Jerry and the dock install crew have a smooth start to the project but that doesn’t last for long. Jerry has to return a day later to put the finishing touches on this floating dock install with existing pilings. Sometimes as a leader in the company, you have to handle the loose ends of a project and tie them up yourself. Our fellow Dockmen in the marine industry know this dynamic all too well. This project consisted of 60’’ wide floating EZ Dock sections, paired with a Great Lakes Lift ADA./UA transition plate, 20’ aluminum gangway with Sunwalk Superior Surfaces decking and last but not least Great Lakes Lift also built the custom fabricated aluminum piling brackets that reside at the end of the floating dock to hold it into place by connecting to the existing pilings. This floating dock install is at the Wyandotte Boat Launch, in Wyandotte Michigan. Thanks for watching!