The Dockman Episode Two: 100 Yards of EZ Dock Install at YMCA Camp

In Episode Two of The Dockman, brothers Jerry and Garrick Wilson travel to McGaw YMCA Camp Echo in Newaygo Michigan to install an EZ Dock setup. This camp is getting an improved floating dock system, to help the campers and families that visit enjoy the water, with greater accessibility. Another advantage should be the ease of install each year, and being able to maintain it over the years.

In the second episode the brothers work with YMCA camp volunteers, councilors and directors to install over 100 yards of EZ Dock. These volunteers were committed to get the job done! Special thank you to that day’s volunteers, they did exceptionally well, and showed great examples of teamwork. And I’d be willing to bet they’d all agree it was a pleasant experience installing the product that day. The EZ Dock is relatively easy to install, linking it together on the beach and pushing onto the water as you build the dock sections. Once somebody found us a hammer to use, the job really started cruising along. As The Dockman says himself, “Anything can be used as a hammer, except a screw driver, that’s a chisel.”