Who is the Dockman?

Jerry Wilson

Recently with the rise of The Dockman Youtube Series, we’ve been presented with the question- Who is The Dockman? And the answer is simple, there can be a dockman in all of us. And if you work in the marine industry, you’re probably a dockman already. By definition, if you work on a dock, you’re a “dockman”! But to further expound on the question, we’ve gathered a few examples of people who have displayed dockman-like traits, and they don’t exactly install docks for a living.

First, a dockman must have a high tolerance for cold temperatures in and out of the water. While you endure being dunked in the freezing cold water, a dockman must also be able to handle heavy loads to lift. One person that comes to mind who already exemplifies this example is Wim Hof. If you don’t know who Wim Hof is, he’s known globally as “The Iceman”. He has set numerous Guinness World Records for swimming under ice and prolonged full-body contact with ice, and still holds the world record for a barefoot half-marathon on snow and ice. He has also climbed mountains wearing only swim trunks! There is no doubt Wim Hof is surely a Dockman to the core.

Wim Hof

If you can handle the extremely low temperatures, a Dockman must also possess an extraordinary knowledge of all lakes, rivers and waterways in their region. A true dockman has an innate ability to read a lake and know its water depths and bottom conditions based solely on a quick glance at the surface of the water. Much like early explores Lewis and Clark, a Dockman is not timid to explore new territories, go where no man has gone before, & find their own solutions to newly discovered problems. This takes a great deal of leadership, and willingness to walk the path even when you’re alone.

Lewis and Clark

Thinking out of the box and finding solutions to unconventional or uncommon problems is a key component of being a Dockman. Adapting to the changing environment is part of finding success in the Marine Industry Field. Installing docks, and boat hoists can lead to new discoveries, innovating new products and solutions all while being keenly aware of whats at stake. Which is the future of an industry, and a homeowners lakefront property, mostly.

All of this uncharted territory can require quick thinking in the field. Michigans Great Lakes and inland lakes can be an unforgiving place. Always being ready for the unexpected is a sign of a true dockman!

I tell you friends, there can be a dockman inside all of us. If you’re willing to rise to the challenge, face cold winter water, always be prepared for anything that life can toss you on the open seas, then I’m here to inform you- you’re already a Dockman. (or dockwoman) Now Godspeed to you all!

Sully Sullenberger